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Towing for 65 Years

Hadley Tow offers a full range of tow services with equipment to tow light, medium, and heavy vehicles – of all types and sizes – from motorcycles to cars, RVs, and tractor-trailer rigs.

Hadley Tow has provided towing services in Southern California for more
then 65 years with locations in Whittier, Baldwin Park, Fontana, Orange, and Fullerton.

Hadley Tow currently provides towing services and lien sales to the Whittier Police Department, the Fontana Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol serving Santa Ana, Santa Fe Springs, Baldwin Park, and Rancho Cucamonga.


Additionally, we provide tow services for the Los Angeles County Sheriff/Norwalk and Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff’s departments and Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). We provide towing for all vehicle types, vehicle intake, storage, and release. We manage the inventory, provide required reporting, and conduct lien sales.

For Metro, we provide freeway service patrol. We are currently an incumbent with Fullerton Police Department in a rotation to provide towing services.


We also serve Southern California Automobile Club members by providing roadside services for members. Our extensive experience providing quality, timely, and safe towing service makes Hadley Tow highly qualified to serve your towing needs. 

Social Responsibility

Hadley Tow, since its founding, has been committed to serving our community. Corporate social responsibility is vitally important to who we are as a company. Our policies ensure that we adhere to the highest ethical behavior standards, driving safety, and more.


Supporting State and Local Law Enforcement with Driving Safety


Driving safety is essential to our mission of maintaining safe streets. Hadley Tow drivers all undergo extensive training on driving safety and how to operate in public in a safe manner that protects the customers we are serving.


We regularly support our law enforcement agency partners, such as California Highway Patrol and local police departments, with philanthropic projects that support the communities that we serve. As we work closely with law enforcement agencies, we ensure that all of our personnel follow strict codes of conduct and maintain the utmost professionalism and courtesy when interacting with the public.


Driving under the influence is a tragedy we often experience first hand when it leads to a deadly accident. During the holidays, in partnership with AAA, we sponsor a Tipsy-Tow program. 


Hadley Tow has partnered with educational groups to show youth the tragic results of driving under the influence. We work with local high schools and other businesses to educate students about driving under the influence.


We also work with our local fire departments by providing them vehicles for emergency training.


Supporting Our Community


Our company may initiate and support community investment and educational programs.


We are members of our local chamber of commerce, where we work with our fellow local business members to advocate for safe streets. One of our favorite events is participating in local parades to highlight Hadley Tow trucks and spread good cheer.


Hadley Tow believes that sports and after school activities are essential for youth to be on the right path, increase our quality of life, and prevent petty crime on our streets. We regularly sponsor youth sports and nonprofits, such as local Boys and Girls Clubs.


Preserving the Environment

Apart from legal obligations, Hadley Tow recognizes that our company's long-term success is connected to our planet and the local community's positive long-term health. Currently, 305 of our fleet is hybrid. We will proactively protect the environment by continuously searching for solutions to lessen our footprint while promoting sustainability. Examples of relevant activities include:

  • Commitment to a continual improvement process in environmental management.

  • Implementing recycling and reuse strategies in our business model.

  • Conserving energy and using renewable energy sources.

  • Using environmentally-friendly technologies

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